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Campaign Strategy

Case Studies

  • Integrated Campaigns
    Make the Most of Every Offer

    Our team works in close collaboration with our artists to lay out a campaign’s goals and create a direct, data-powered roadmap to reach them. From acquisition and email campaigns to online stores and digital asset fulfillment, our campaign team connects every part of your business. Tour VIP buyers get store offers, contest registrants get artist merch discounts, and all fans get to interact with the artists they love.

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With our artists we lay out a campaign’s goals and create a direct, data-powered roadmap to reach them

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  • Efficiency
    Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Artists work with our team to plan their campaign steps from start to finish. Using automation throughout a campaign, from embedding user-generated content and store offers to triggered alerts for new concerts or video debuts, we work with our artists to maintain a campaign’s ongoing conversation.

  • Promotions
    Shout From The Mountaintop

    With our promotion machine, you can launch or resurface your campaign in a variety of ways. Start a campaign with unique code distribution then apply a custom auto-responder to continue engagement. Further into the campaign, you can inspire the fans to rejoin the fold by geo-& genre-targeting your streaming audience. Giving access to the fans is how an artist inspires active engagement. Fans don't listen to a song once and then forget about it; likewise your campaigns should be something they return to again and again.