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Data & Analysis

Case Studies

  • Reporting
    From Sales to Insights

    Numbers imbued with meaning drive smart decision-making. Our team’s expertise turns raw numbers into useful knowledge. In real-time, we track website traffic, ecommerce sales, and mailing list sizes. We compare metrics to separate look-in audiences from engaging audiences. When we know where the numbers take us, we know how to increase the impact of an artist’s campaigns.

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Numbers imbued with meaning drive smart decision-making.

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  • 360º View of Fans
    Operate Inside and Outside the Box

    The goal of our optimization is simple understanding. Fans have artists they genuinely love, and we genuinely want to make that precious connection. In that pursuit, our team tracks numerous channels - websites, webstores, email marketing, DSP preferences, socials - to identify fan affinity and consumer behavior. Armed with relevant info, we create actionable audience segments for any and every type of direct-to-fan marketing effort.

  • Optimization
    Perfect Your Process

    We’re driven to maximize our efforts to meet and exceed our artists’ goals. Mobile responsive templates can be used around the world to ensure global brand consistency. Real-time A/B testing identifies and quickly applies the best way to deliver offers. Close the loop on your e-commerce business with post-purchase campaigns, abandoned-cart reminders and intelligent links that direct fan traffic with precision.