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Case Studies

  • Insightful Use
    Monitor and Learn

    Ecommerce success depends on applying informed best practices. Our team builds global store templates for each artist with responsive design for mobile & tablets. Artists are able to monitor sales through our reporting dashboard for insights into site traffic, most popular pages, order trends, conversion and drop rates along with a host of other metrics. Email marketing can target specific D2C offers, and friends can exchange artist-specific gift cards. Everything we do is designed to enhance the fan experience and, as a result, maximize sales.

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Our ecommerce platform provides easy-to-navigate branded stores.


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  • Fan-Focused
    Design Stores With Fans in Mind

    Ecommerce succeeds when it gives the people what they want. Our ecommerce platform provides easy-to-navigate branded stores. Responsive checkouts allow shipping info to automatically update. When an item is out-of-stock, fans can sign-up for automatic notifications when the gear comes back. Devoted fans post photos in user-generated thumbnails, showing themselves off as dedicated artist ambassadors.